Autumn and Allergies!

It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and now Easter is almost upon us.

Is time speeding up? Along with Easter, Autumn is also upon us and along with it Allergy season!!

Autumn pollens and bushfire back burning smoke can play havoc with breathing, especially for those with asthma or bronchitis issues.

Autumn and spring are classic times for people with respiratory allergies to end up in hospital.

This time of year is quite serious for these people and having support on hand is vital to prevent a serious situation occurring.

Remember the old adage, an ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure.

Or in modern measure; a gram of prevention is better than a kilogram of cure

Yes; it is easier and better to prevent the problem becoming a problem than to try to fix it once it is a problem.

Allergy relief is a call away.

There are a number of allergy support herbal preparations and supplements and we have the bumper crop.

Sooooo, if you suffer from respiratory allergies or sensitivities, why not contact us for some timely relief. Great for the kids too.

There are a number of great herbs available in our clinic that deal with allergic reactivity very effectively.

We can make to measure a formula just for you, or we can offer several tablet formulas or powder formulas that are easier for some to take (for some reason some find our herbs difficult to swallow,, taste-wise).

Autumn is also a great time to schedule that health check to ensure your immune system is primed for the Cold and Flu season.

Another Pandemic Threat?

The WHO has issued a warning that the coming season may well bring another pandemic.

Their rationale is that the overuse of chemicals in warfare around the globe.

The increased use of biological weapons is creating new threats, even new diseases, some deliberately released as a war strategy.

It is sad that humans have this tendency to try to destroy one another with little thought for what it does to civilians or the planet.

We can’t change human nature but we can take action to strengthen our immune systems to give ourselves the best chance of fighting any infection that comes along.

Why not take this opportunity to get your system primed for the best results this winter?