BUTTER is better than MARGARINE

You may not realise it, but when it comes to spreads, butter is better than margarine.

“Eat butter first, and eat it last, and live till a hundred years be past.”
– Old Dutch proverb

Here’s why:

Getting back to basics with diet involves increasing foods that our ancestors would have consumed (butter has been around for thousands of years) and avoiding new trendy manufactured non-foods (margarine has been around for less than a century).

Let’s have a quick look at how these oils are made.

Butter: Making butter is a simple process: separate cream from milk, churn the cream until it thickens, and add some water and salt.

Margarine manufacturing process:

  1. They start with rancid oil. Usually one of the big 4 genetically modified crops: soy, corn, canola or cottonseed/rapeseed. These crops are heavily sprayed and may contain pesticide residues. The solvent hexane is used to extract the oil. Hexane is a known carcinogen. Cottonseed is the most commonly used oil for margarine and when it’s not being used for margarine it’s used as a pesticide!
  2. The oil is steam cleaned. This destroys any remaining nutrients.
  3. Oil is mixed with nickel for hydrogenation.
  4. Oil is exposed to high temperatures and pressure.
  5. Emulsifiers are added to smooth out the lumps.
  6. The stinky oil is then deodorised.
  7. The grey oil is then bleached.
  8. Finally synthetic flavours and colours are added.

The manufacturing process alone should put you off margarine for life, but in case you need more convincing.


  1. Is a natural source of vitamins (A, D, E, K)
  2. Is a natural source of minerals (manganese, chromium, zinc, copper, selenium, iodine)
  3. Is a natural source of beneficial oils including Omega 3, Omega 6 and CLA.
  4. Tastes better. (in my opinion anyway)


  • Contains free radicals and other dangerous by-products that cause cancer and heart disease.
  • Contains chemical emulsifiers
  • Contains preservatives.
  • Contain solvents such as hexane. A known carcinogen.
  • Contains bleaches
  • Contains artificial colours.
  • Contains artificial flavours
  • Contains chemical deodorisers.
  • Sterols are added to cholesterol-lowering spreads. They push the cholesterol out of the bloodstream and into the surrounding tissues. This may reduce your cholesterol but increases your risk of cancer. Several studies have linked cholesterol lowering spreads with skin cancers. Sterols are estrogenic compounds and can also cause hormonal disruptions.

When shopping for butter, look for an organic variety. The best butter comes from the best milk, which comes from the happiest, grass feed cow. True Organic Butter is a great product and can easily be found in Coles supermarkets, as well as organic and health food stores. I hope you enjoy adding the great natural taste of butter back into your diet.