CHOLESTEROL The good, the bad and the ugly

Cholesterol almost sounds like a rude word these days with its connotations of bad health attached to it. In truth

Chronic Pain: Causes and Treatment

Chronic Pain: Causes and Treatment

Chronic pain – how to put out the fire and start enjoying life again.

Coconut Oil Pulling Protocol

Coconut Oil Pulling Protocol


Cold Sores

Cold sores present as painful outbreaks primarily on the lip and face, but may also affect the gums, tongue, palate, nose, genitals and anus. Other symptoms include fever, tiredness, tingling and pain. After the primary infection, HSV remains in a hidden state in the ganglion nerve cells until reactivation. Reactivation can occur due to being run down, having a poor diet, stress, trauma or being in an immune-compromised state.

Coriander Chicken with Asian Coleslaw

Coriander Chicken with Asian Coleslaw

Ultra lite recipe: Coriander Chicken with Asian Coleslaw

Diet For Healthy Skin

Keep hydrated, aim for at least 2L of water every day. Dry, dehydrated skin is very common in winter.

Eat an abundance of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables. Anti-oxidants inactivate free radicals which damage all cells including the skin.

Dietary ways to enhance your brain function

Regardless of whether you are preparing for exams, working in a high pressure job or enjoying retired life most of us could do with a little more brain power. Enhanced memory, retention, recall, etc.

The brain has many enemies; the 2 main molecules to watch out for are Beta Amyloid Plague and Tau Tangles.

Digestive Dysfunction

Digestive dysfunction is one of the primary reasons why people see a naturopath. The digestive system is a very complex mechanism involving many different layers in which problems can occur, at any or all levels.

Enhance your brain function: Part 2

Last month we looked at how your diet can enhance your brain function (memory, recall, attention etc), if you missed this article or would like a refresher it can be found on our website at: important factors you need to understand, before reading on.

Enhance your brain function: Part 3

Whether you are a student or a senior or somewhere in between, brain health and cognitive function remain an extremely important factor in life. This is the final part of our 3 part series on helping you find and retain optimal memory and learning.

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