Let's face it - none of us want to get old, do we?

Yet it is a fact of life that we do age. The question is; do you want to feel fit and healthy and enjoy vibrant health? Or do you want to follow the expected” path of ill health, pain and massive amounts of drugs with all their attendant side effects, to keep you functioning.

The first option lets you enjoy life and if you have them, your grandkids (instead of them wanting to avoid the grumpy old so and so). The second makes both you and those you love miserable and those you love wanting to avoid you.

Ageing does not have to be unpleasant. You may not look young any more but you don’t have to feel worn out. There are myriads of things you can do to yourself to mask the appearance of age, but you can’t mask the ageing process in your body. HOWEVER, you can do something to give you the best chance of a healthy vibrant ageing.

The biggest problem is that the media have for years portrayed old people as, sick, hospitalised, infirm, in pain and medicated. The medical fraternity has capitalised on this perception and made a fortune for themselves and the pharmaceutical companies. The drug companies have spent a fortune marketing their products designed for the elderly (they have also been fined multiple millions of dollars for false claims about their products – especially pain relief claims) but the market is huge and unfortunately the elderly are all too often a willing audience.

We all know someone in their late eighties and into their nineties who are functioning well and enjoying life. People look at these and say how wonderful to see someone that age living so well. But is it surprising? Or is it what should be the norm. I believe it should be the norm. It is not genetics although people like to claim this because it “lets them off the hook”.

Older age does not have to mean poor health or inability to function!

Anti-aging and wellbeing

It is lifestyle, diet, mental attitude and getting on with life instead of running to the doctor for a drug for any little ache or pain.

You can experience good health and good energy in your senior years, even though you may not have looked after yourself as well as you ought. BUT, you have to start doing the right thing by yourself and the sooner you start the easier it will be to enjoy the benefits. If you wait until you have fallen apart – well, it’s like Humpty Dumpty, “They Couldn’t put him back together again”.

We offer a great Healthy Ageing Program and an on-going system to keep you in the best of condition. Don’t procrastinate, you have nothing to lose except a body that you don’t like any more.

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