Food provides information to our genes. It is the basic building block providing the foundations for Abundant Health. Without good nutrition the body is unable to operate at an optimal level.

Food provides our body with the energy and nutrients required to regulate complex cellular actions such as ensuring the body is able to operate at an optimal level, repair itself and regenerate cells.

Our aim at Abundant Life and Health is to provide you with the dietary tools and knowledge you need to maintain a balance of optimal health and prevent sickness and disease. We appreciate there isn’t one particular diet or eating program that suits everyone. Humans are unique individuals and we approach food and diet holistically on an individual basis. What is ideal for one person may not be beneficial for another.

Our philosophy is based on the concept of real wholefoods. A wholefoods diet involves consuming foods in their most natural state with minimal processing and refining. Unprocessed food in its natural state is more nutrient dense and healthier than a substance that has been heat treated and fortified with synthetic forms of the vitamins & minerals to replace the natural forms during processing.

Make the effort to ensure the food you consume is from nature not technology. Food should come from a garden or farm NOT a laboratory.

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